3 Ways to Stop Believing in Balance

Begin first by changing your beliefs from Balance to Wholeness.

When you feel ‘whole’ you feel connected to your passion and your work, whatever it may be. Go back and review your dreams list. Do you have a separate list for your work, your business, your life? How does that make you feel whole?

A few years ago I went through a process called the Wheel of Life with a personal coach. She asked me to draw a circle and separate it into pie sections, eight sections specifically. I was then asked to name each section that represented an area of importance in my life.

On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 representing dissatisfaction and the closest to the centre of the wheel), I was asked to rate each area of my life. Once I charted out each section I was asked to connect the dots. When certain areas appear at a lower level than the others, it shows that my life, like a wheel, wasn’t going to roll smoothly. I found this exercise very enlightening and useful. Try it now for yourself.

What does your wheel look like? If even one or two spokes are out of sync it will represent a ‘drag’ that is currently holding you back from success.

Everyone has a different definition of whole for themselves. Some people may not feel that community or charity is an area they find important. That’s ok. It’s important not to judge others. But it is also important to recognize that each of us has deep instinctual needs and desires.

In 1943, American psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote a paper titled, “A Theory of Human Motivation” in which he proposed the now famous Hierarchy of Human Needs.

In this theory, Maslow cited five levels of need in which a person is motivated to satisfy. If the first level of need is not met, a person won’t feel the pull of the second level. And so on.

In this theory, the most basic primal instincts are represented at the bottom, with each level above it representing a high level of thought and need. When you are feeling restless or out of sync, it’s interesting to look inside yourself to find out what need or desire you are attempting to fulfill.

So the first reason many women entrepreneurs start searching for balance, instead of wholeness is that they have been conditioned to see ‘lack’ instead of understanding our most basic human motivations as noted in Maslow’s theory. The second reason that women specifically start looking for balance px7 primal flow reviews is because of the multitude of ‘roles’ we play.

In chapter two of Fatal Distractons we talked about the number of responsibilities that women take on. The topic of balance or what I prefer to call wholeness, continues that conversation.

With more dreams and desires come more responsibilities. You are now the CEO, the manager, the bookkeeper, the client liaison, the confidant, the saleswoman, the problem solver, and so on. But, we forget to lose or remove some of the other roles that no longer serve us.

Yes we are still the moms, the wives, the daughters, the friends, the sisters. Those don’t and shouldn’t change. But we can get rid of the housekeeper, the bookkeeper, the grocery shopper if we don’t need them anymore.

Like everything, knowledge and awareness bring power and peace to our lives.

If you can outline and analyze all the roles that you have or identify with, you can begin to clear out those that no longer provide core drivers for you. You may still need them, but now you can delegate them.

One of my favourite examples is the housekeeper. I love a clean and well organized house, but spending my time cleaning grout or dusting just does not appeal to me for long. And for $20 an hour, it’s a role I happily delegate.

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