A Look at Vivi Winkler, a Fitness Model Who Started Today

Vivi Winkler is a Brazilian supermodel and a well-known bodybuilder. She was one of the very first female supermodels, but like many before her, she also experienced the same struggles many women do in modern society: being overweight, being a bad mom, being a single mom. She overcame all of these odds to become one of the biggest, sexiest, and sexiest women in the modeling industry. Her career has spanned four decades and during that time, she has lost close to 100 pounds.

So, why did Vivi Winkler become a model? The answer lies in the fact that she understands and speaks about her body issues. Many fitness models promote themselves as being fit and healthy, but not all of them are. With Vivi, however, you get a woman who knows and talks about her weight issues and how it affected her life.

So, what did Vivi do to become a fitness model? She studied art at college and for the next few years worked as a nutritionist. While at the nutritionist job, she began to understand that she was very different from other people Vivi Winkler. “I really wasn’t at all athletic or talented,” she recalls. “My physical gifts were more towards dance and music.”

Soon after she quit her job as a nutritionist, she began working out with a personal trainer. At the time, she had just gained back weight after having lap band surgery and was thrilled with the results. “I thought I had finally found my calling,” she says. But before long, she realized that to be successful in the fitness industry, not everyone could simply turn their body into a lean machine. “It’s not enough to have nice abs. You need to have strength.”

Once she began working with an exercise specialist, she discovered that there was a much better way to strengthen her core. “I couldn’t get the full body workout that I was getting by doing crunches and sit-ups,” she recalls. “But my abs were stronger than ever.” This discovery sparked the career that is now known as Vivi Winkler Fitness. She has since worked with other notable names such as Serena Williams, Lisa Lyon, and Jillian Michaels to help them achieve the fitness they desire while still maintaining a beautiful body.

“When it comes to looking great on the runway, your body should be your first priority,” says Vivi. “But in real life, we all want to feel strong and fit. If you start off with your fitness goals and work towards them everyday, then you will soon be the model everyone is looking for.” For more information on Vivi Winkler, visit her website today.

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