Beast Mastery is the Ultimate Leveling Spec For World of Warcraft Hunters

Choosing your leveling spec in World of Warcraft is one of the first decisions you will make. If you are a hunter, your choice is simple. Beast Mastery is the best hunter leveling spec in the game.

The Beast Mastery talent line, as you can imagine, is all about your pets. Quite a few talents will help your pets out in one form or another. Endurance Training increases her stamina, Bestial Discipline increases her focus regeneration, and Serpent’s Swiftness increases her attack speed. There are other talents that will help you care for your pet, like Improved Mend Pet. As you can see there is a lot of love for your pet.

However, Beast Mastery is not all about your pet. Many of the talents that help your pet, will also help you in some form. For example, Endurance Training will increase your HP on top of your 안전토토사이트 pet’s stamina. Other talents will increase your ranged attack speed. In fact, Beast Mastery is as much about your attack speed as it is your pet.

When choosing your pet, you will need a pet that dishes out a bit of damage. You also need one that can take a ton of damage. My personal preference is a cat. Cats are a hybrid pet, as they can do respectable damage as well as take it. Cats are easy to find as they are available at most level ranges. I still use a cat at level 80 on my hunter, and use it as my general purpose pet, typically switching to a scorpid only for PvP.

As important as your choice of pet, is your choice of weapon. As a hunter, you are as good as your bow or gun, so always keep it upgraded. The most important quality for a Beast Mastery hunter is weapon speed. Beast Mastery is not about the big numbers, it is about consistently nailing the low numbers. The consistent damage is more friendly to your pet, who is taking the mob. In many cases you can simply auto attack and kill very quickly (something you will do when you need to regain mana, but want to keep up the killing.) Avoid doing this all the time, as using your mana for your shots will greatly increase your experience gain.

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