Best Bible Verses For Encouragement

Reading bible verses for encouragement is a great way for Christians to get through tough times. Unfortunately though, many Christians find themselves flicking through the bible aimlessly under such circumstances, not knowing which verses in particular are applicable to their current situation. Fortunately, there are some lesser known verses that have been known to provide Christians with great motivation and inspiration under a broad range of situations. One of these is Luke 12:22-31, whose message is paraphrased below.

Jesus is talking to his disciples about the concept of ‘worrying’. He advises them that there is no point in men and women worrying about anything at all, and that they should offer up all their worries to God and let Him take care of them.

Christ illustrates his point by showing how the birds continue to be fed even though they do not ‘reap or sow or have a storeroom or a barn’; he then goes on to suggest that, if God looks after the birds like that link, then how much more likely is he to look after something so much more valuable than birds, such as a human being!

Jesus offers the disciples a second example of his point, this time using flowers as a reference point. He says that God shows how much He cares for the flowers by ‘clothing’ them so beautifully even though He knows they will be cut down and thrown into the fire one day; and so Jesus suggests that, if God looks after the flowers like that, then how much more likely is he to look after a far more valuable human being who holds the potential for eternal life in His kingdom.

In summary, Jesus has made us aware of natural examples of God’s ability to care and provide for the other inhabitants of this world. Given that He cares so much more deeply for us as human beings, we should be able to stop worrying about how we will go about finding necessities such as food and clothing, and have faith in the fact that God will provide these things for us if we seek His eternal kingdom. For me personally, this has been one of the best bible verses for encouragement throughout the global economic crisis, and for life in general!

Jason Green is a Christian and a freelance photographer from Melbourne, Australia, who sees his landscape photography work as a way of sharing the glory of God’s creation with the world.

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