Body Jewelry – Is it For You?

Body jewelry is jewelry that is worn on the body. It can appear as earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, belly button rings, eyebrow, lip and tongue piercings, and piercings in more private areas. Body jewelry has been a way for people to demonstrate status or wealth within a community and dates as far back as 75,000 years ago. A large number of people today are wearing body jewelry to adorn themselves and attract attention or just to express themselves. It grew into popularity quickly and the younger crowd has embraced it to demonstrate strength, vitality and a personal statement. Body jewelry can be made of various materials including gold, silver, surgical steel, titanium, plastic, ivory, and many other mediums. Some of the ear piercings have developed into various guages of thickness stretching the holes in the earlobes.

Is it still popular? body piercing jewelry

Body jewelry was made popular by celebrities flaunting their body jewelry. Body jewelry became popular about 15 years ago and was seen mostly on young adults. When the craze first started, piercings were seen mostly on the face. As it progressed in popularity, body piercings began to appear on the navel, nipples, and genitals. Facial piercings started to become excessive with eyebrow, lip, tongue, cheek and several ear piercings all on one face. Some of these individuals began to look like they had faces made of metal. As the trend is slowing in popularity, the more accepted form of body jewelry is navel piercings and facial piercings in moderation. Excessive piercings is becoming somewhat of a taboo and usually associated with rebellious teenagers in our culture.

What is right for me?

The type of body jewelry you would want to wear depends on your personality and what you want to express. There are thousands of types, colors, materials, shapes, sizes and locations you can wear them. Whenever you purchase jewelry, be sure you have no allergic reactions to the material, that any piercings are done so in a sterile environment, and that any pieces worn have been sterilized. Be sure to keep pierced areas clean as well as the jewelry as it is placed inside a hole in your body. Properly cleaning and caring for these piercings helps prevent nasty scarring and infections that can cause (in some cases) mild disfigurement. There are many online sites you can visit to find jewelry to your taste and to find a local shop to help you make a decision. These professionals can also teach you how to properly take care of your new method of adornment.

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