Business From a Dog Raincoat

It was one rainy afternoon when Chelsea decided to make a dog raincoat for her pet, Mimi. She has no other choice but to stay home and to keep herself entertained, she decided to watch the movie Legally Blonde. She found it attractive to see Reese’s pet clad in those girly fashionable dog dresses. And that is what inspired her to make clothes for her dog herself. And because it is a rainy season, she thought it might be useful to make Mimi some dog raincoats to keep her dry and warm when going out for a walk mimy.

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She searched her closet for her old raincoats so she can utilize it in making coats for Mimi. She also found it helpful to browse the internet for a pattern and for the instructions to follow. And in just few easy steps Chelsea already made a raincoat for her hairy friend. Making raincoats for her pet became one of her hobbies.

Chelsea’s friends and neighbours cannot help but notice the dog raincoats that Mimi fashioned when she was out for a walk on a rainy day. Intrigued by what they saw, they asked where she bought those raincoats for dogs and were amazed to know that it was hand made by Chelsea. Soon enough she got requests from them to make them their pet raincoats, too. And this is where she started her business. Apart from making raincoats, she also got into making dog dresses that Mimi modelled. Other dog owners in the neighbourhood were influenced to dress up their pets in fashion as Mimi modelled them. Thus, Chelsea’s business stated to boom.

Chelsea’s pet clothes business was opened inspired by a movie. Aside from raincoats for dogs, she also expanded her business by making various other pet clothes such as dog sweaters, pajamas, booties and other dog accessories. And it was Chelsea who introduced dog fashion in their neighbourhood- a business that started out from making raincoats for dogs.

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