Consider Funeral Candles for a Value Added Funeral Product

Lighting candles is a practice that transcends cultures and centuries, religions and places. Their many symbolic implications include meditation, affirmation, devotion, and channeling and it is proven to produce effects of serenity, focus and comfort in those who take part in it. The presence of fire at funerals – whether in the form of torches or candles – is as old as mankind itself.

Ancient peoples used torches for protective measures. Since spirits, whether evil or good, were thought to be active only under the cover of darkness, candles and torches were used to prevent them from re-animating corpses or haunting the living. More modern attitudes include the belief that the sputtering, dancing flame of a candle is a metaphor for human life and the firm glow symbolizes the soul. Whatever the belief, funeral ของชำร่วยงานศพ candles hold significance and inspiration to those who behold their glow. With the advent of funeral specific software, funeral home professionals can now offer a beautiful, long-lasting personalized candle to client families.

Funeral candles are one of the fastest growing keepsake products in the funeral industry. With great ease, you can create a top quality, enduring and personalized gift that will touch your client families and will likely be used by them again and again. Using funeral software to design the candle holder artwork is amazingly simple. First, select from over 500 themes to create a background design that best reflects the pastimes or interests of the deceased. Next choose one or more photos of the departed and drag to the indicated area on the template. Finally, choose a message such as a poem or quote and add where it is directed.

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