Constipation Medicine

Constipation medicine can either be natural or medical. It has a variety of applications and is used to relieve constipation symptoms. The most common form of constipation medicine is laxative. These are usually sold as tablet preparations, in liquid and also as topical remedies. There are also medications that act on the nerves, to stop the muscles from relaxing too much when one experiences constipation symptoms.

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Natural laxatives include fruits such as bananas, figs, juices of fresh cherry and papaya, and juices of pears and apples. Herbal laxatives are also used as a natural remedy for constipation. For people who have a more chronic constipation condition, laxatives are not always enough to provide relief. Other prescription medications may need to be taken to resolve the problem. Some of the conditions where laxatives cannot help include people who have problems with excessive sweating, diarrhea caused by milk protein formula, problems associated with chronic venous insufficiency and polycystic ovarian syndrome isilax.

A medical condition is diagnosed only upon diagnosis by a doctor. Usually, such medical conditions are more serious than constipation. One such medical condition is acute portal hypertension, which is caused by the enlargement of the portal vein. When this venous refluxes and enters the esophagus, chest pain develops. This is a very serious condition and should be treated.

Medications can only provide temporary relief from the symptoms. For long-term relief from constipation, lifestyle changes are required. Lifestyle changes include maintaining proper nutrition to ensure proper bowel function and avoid constipation, and increasing the amount of fluids consumed. Some of the medications used to treat constipation are also used for other ailments, so it is important to discuss these medicines with your healthcare provider before you start taking them.

Several types of laxatives are available in the market. Most of these medications are available without prescription and are used to provide relief from constipation. Other medications called extended-release laxatives are meant to treat chronic constipation. The duration of effect varies with these medications. Therefore it is advised to consult your doctor before starting any form of medication to relieve yourself from constipation symptoms.

To prevent constipation, it is important to alter your lifestyle and eating habits. Frequent and infrequent bowel movements are a major cause of chronic constipation. To avoid constipation and its associated symptoms, it is important to alter your eating habits and introduce more fibrous foods into your diet and take regular and adequate amount of liquids to ensure proper bowel movements. In addition, a daily supplement that contains fiber can help to regulate regular bowel movements and improve your overall health.

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