Digital Media Video Production

Entertainment comes in several different packages, and in every genre of entertainment, there comes two groups of people: the consumer audience and the producers. The consumer audience has the cash to spend, and producers have the job of pleasing the spender.

The average audience member recognizes specific actors on screen and will discriminate against what film they’ll see based upon their memories of the joy, pain, and overall feelings they received when watching said actors in other projects and films. The fact is, that an excellent or even a subpar actor or actress, only plays one small part of the whole in bringing an enjoyable entertainment experience to the screen.

I’m not trying to downplay the importance of the actor. Anyone who’s in the business of acting in live theater will tell you that the key players in Broadway productions are the actors, but there are so many supporting players that help prepare the actors and actresses leading up to the opening curtains. Positions include those of the director as well as set design, costumes, and makeup departments. However, the jobs of these people end when the curtain rises. The only workers who support the actors through a production are those of the tech crew, and the orchestra, if there is one. However, once the curtains rise, it is the actor who has to carry the show to success or failure in real time digital cinema.

When it comes to film and cinema, the actor’s job concludes months and sometimes years before the film opens in the box office. While I’m not an expert in the history of cinema by any means, it would appear to me that the hardest and most under appreciated jobs in Hollywood are those individuals and departments that are located behind the camera and the glitz of Hollywood glamour.

If you have digital media video production in your educational and professional background, and feel you possess the skills necessary to land a job in Hollywood, then networking can be a valuable tool in getting noticed and landing the job of your dreams.

If you don’t know where to begin with networking, then you may be interested in a digital media organization that provides this benefit for you. The International Digital Media and Arts Association, also known as iDMAa, offers exactly that: an outlet for you to network with professionals in the industry that you are aiming to land a career in.

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