Flat Belly Diet Review – Flat Belly Fat Diet on Rachael Ray Show Reviewed

If you’ve been hearing a lot recently about a diet that was on the Rachael Ray show that promotes a flat tummy in less than 3 weeks with weight loss results of well over 25 pounds then today I plan to clear the air regarding this diet in my flat belly diet review. In addition to finding out how and whether this diet works, I’ll also make a suggestion for another proven diet that nearly 1 million people were on last year.

How the Flat Belly Diet Works The focus of this diet is on something known as MUFAs or monounsaturated fat. These fats do not store as readily as other calories and for the most part will leave your body in about the same amount as you ingest. To top that off you also get a feeling of fullness from Okinawa Flat belly tonic eating them, so no more starving to lose weight. By eating many foods that are high in MUFAs you will continually be consuming less calories in regards to what your body stores on a daily basis, this is the key to this diets success.

Tell me the bad news Unfortunately you must also eat MUFAs on a daily basis to maintain this diet, this might sound like a strange negative but just wait until you try it. The food selection you are allowed is somewhat tight and foods that contain MUFAs in general tend to start turning the dieter off after a while like over-eating any food would. The other and much worse problem is that by focusing on the same form of calories day in and day out (fats) your body becomes adapted very quickly and as a result your metabolism will start to become sluggish as the same foods every day lack the ability to trigger your metabolic processes in the same way a varied diet can.

The Verdict As this is also a low calorie diet expect weight gain unfortunately as soon as you are finished the diet as your metabolism will be considerably slower than normal. As the flat belly diet suggests you should maintain this diet for life to keep the results. If you can do this, it is a very good health oriented diet, a little heavy on fat based foods although.

An alternative diet you could try is calorie shifting which had nearly 1 million people following it last year. Unlike low cal diets its results are essentially permanent as instead of avoiding food and calories you embrace them although in a unique way which causes your body to lose massive amounts of weight, very quickly.

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