Gardening Gloves: How Important Are They?

Gardening gloves can provide many different benefits that a gardener is probably not even aware of. They cover your bare hands, they keep you warm, and they protect you from all the different elements that can prick, poke, cut, and scrape your hands. The important thing to know about gloves is that all garden gloves are not the same.

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Choosing the right type of hand protection will be a very important task; however, choosing the right product will be determined by the type of job you are working on. You’ll also find that using the right type of gloves in the garden will allow you to work more productively because you won’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

There are thousands of different types of gloves that are available and the type you choose will be determined by the outside activities that you will be engaging in. Many of the different gloves are available will provide different types of protection. Leather gloves will provide protection from things that can actually poke and cut your skin handmade weed pipes.

The only problem with leather gloves is they are heavy, and they have been designed to be very protective which limits the mobility of your fingers. This can be remedied by choosing a particular type of leather glove that is a little bit thinner than the typical thick style glove. This will help your fingers to be a bit more mobile allowing you to do many things that you couldn’t do before with the heavier leather glove.

Cotton gloves are excellent working in the garden in all types of weather except the rain. Cotton provides protection, but it does not provide the type of protection you will get from using leather. You will find cotton hand protection in many different forms. Some are fully cotton while others are cotton backs and rubber fronts. There are also cotton gloves that have rubber dots on the inside palm that help for gripping purposes.

Cotton gloves are typically used for handling tools in the yard as well as chainsaws, lawn mowers, weed whackers, and other types of machinery used for getting your garden under control. Many of the cotton designs are made to be disposable, which means you can use them for a certain amount of time and get rid of them as you need to.

Rubber gloves are made to protect you from chemicals and different types of oil, water solutions, and pesticides that are being used in the garden. These types of gloves provide maximum grip in those wet situations when working with pipe, metal, plastics, or other types of equipment in the garden.

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