How to Cure Yeast Infections – The Top Four Cures

The overgrowth of Candida Albicans may cause vaginal yeast infections, which is a fungus that usually lives within the human body. Certain environmental conditions can create an atmosphere for the fungus to proliferate. In a study that was aimed to find how to cure yeast infections, it was demonstrated that eating yogurt can cure yeast infections as it contains useful bacteria including the bifidus and acidophilus that kills the yeast. It also works well when applied topically. One can use active plain yogurt and insert it into the vagina by using a plastic tampon applicator or with the finger, to cure vaginal yeast or fungal infections.

Secondly, taking the supplements of acidophilus or the keravita pro lactobacillus according to the instructions given on the bottle can also help in curing yeast infections. Douche with the solution of one to three table spoons vinegar in water and repeat this daily once when you have the symptoms and should not do so for more than a week.

Thirdly, eliminating or decreasing the sugary foods and the sugar may eliminate candida infections as the sugar helps in the growth of yeast. Using the cloves of garlic as a supplementary may help getting rid of yeast infections as the garlic consists of anti fungal natural agents. It has to be inserted in to the vagina after wrapping the peels of fresh cloves. The traditional remedy to eliminate infections and the other types of infections is to use the gentian violet and it can be found mostly in the pharmacies. Clean the area once or twice in a day with it.

By using the herbal douche may help with easing these infections. The herbal douche has to be prepared by combining the equal quantities of raspberry, comfrey and sage with quarter part of goldenseal and can be mixed with the cider vinegar.

Lastly, the Candida albicans fungus that is usually found in the underpants, if one wears for a long time. But, it can be killed by the use of dawn dishwashing liquid. Flavoring the food items with the powder of garlic also helps to cure yeast infection. Garlic acts as an antifungal and anti bacterial as well as boosts up the immunity system.

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