How to Preserve Dried Foods

Dried foods are those that have been stored without being cooked. They have either been smoked or air dried instead of boiled. In this way they retain much more of their nutritional value than fresh dried foods do. The reason for this is that, when dried foods are dried they become at least seventy percent less nutrient rich than fresh dried foods. Foods that are dried to retain only about ten to twenty percent of their nutritional value compared to foods that are fresh. Dried foods can last for years if they are well stored.

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Food preservation through drying is a process by which food is dried without causing excessive loss of moisture from the food. Drying makes certain that the plant material and even some of the fruit juices are retained. Drying also inhibits the development of mold, yeasts, and bacteria through the elimination of excess water. Many kinds of fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, and nuts are good candidates for food preservation through drying.

Dried foods are made in different ways depending on how they are stored. Air-dried foods are those that are placed in airtight containers usually placed upside down to prevent spoilage during transportation. This method preserves the moisture in the foods. Clay foods are those that are stored in special jars that seal the container to maintain the shape of the foods. This type of preservation is also recommended for foods that are intended to be eaten raw kingfoods.

Many people prefer to buy a food dehydrator because it can dry a wide variety of foods without ruining them. A food dehydrator can be an essential piece of equipment in any home or office. Some people use their food dehydrators to preserve produce for future use. Other people use their dehydrators to simply prepare dried foods right on the spot. No matter what your intentions are, having a good food dehydrator at home will be useful for many years.

Dehydrating vegetables is perhaps one of the easiest methods of preserving your produce for future use. Simply place dried fruits into a storage container and add a little water to keep the foods from spoilage. You can store dried fruits in Tupperware containers for several months at a time. The other benefits of using a storage temperature for dried foods include maintaining a healthy temperature throughout the storage period. Dried meat is also kept at a healthy but safe storage temperature for up to three weeks after it has been prepared.

If you have a family, there are many different ways you can use dried foods to provide many benefits to the entire family. Dried fruits are especially beneficial to children who are learning to eat. With all the additives used in regular fruit juice, dried fruits can help kids get used to a natural, no-food flavor. Vegetables can also be stored without spoiling, especially if they have been lightly steamed prior to drying. This helps keep the vegetables tender, while also retaining much of their nutrient value. As you can see, dried foods can be a very healthy addition to your pantry or storage room.

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