How to Transfer a Car Registration Number

If you own a private number plate and have upgraded you vehicle you may wish to transfer the registration number your new car. Transferring a private registration from one vehicle to another is incredibly easy and quick to do.

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To transfer a private number plate you will need to complete a V317 form which you can pick up from a local DVLA office or your main Post Office. You will need to provide the details of the donor vehicle (the vehicle which currently carries the registration number) and details of the receiving vehicle check for mot cancellations ni. For a transfer to take place, vehicles must be currently licensed and have a valid MOT if applicable.

When applying to transfer a car registration number you will have to include the V5/V5C log books for the two vehicles involved in the transfer, an MOT test certificate for each vehicle, if applicable, photocopies of each tax disc and the transfer fee which currently stands at £80. Vehicles which are untaxed can be taxed at the same time as the application by enclosing a V10 or V85 vehicle licence application form along with the insurance cover note and excise duty.

Transfer applications can be made if the donor vehicle is unlicensed providing the license did not expire more than 12 months ago, the vehicle has been declared SORN, and there was no gap between the expiry date and the commencement of the SORN declaration. It is likely that the vehicle will be requested for inspection if the licence has expired or it is not old enough to qualify for an MOT. This is to ensure the vehicle is eligible to take part in the transfer process. A transfer application can also be made for vehicles which have been written off providing your insurance company gives authorisation, the vehicle can be inspected by the DVLA and all other conditions of transfer are met by both vehicles.

So once you have sent off your application, what happens next? When the vehicle details have been confirmed the transfer application will be processed and a new tax disc will be issued for each vehicle showing the new registrations. Please note that the number plate on the receiving vehicle will be cancelled unless an application to transfer or retain the registration is made at the time of the transfer. Confirmation of completion is when your new tax disc is received. An updated V5 log book will follow from DVLA Swansea.

The donor vehicle will have an age related number plate will be issued free of charge. Where possible this will be the original mark that was issued prior to the initial assignment of a personal registration number. Vehicles which were registered before 1963 will be issued with a dateless registration which is non transferable. A new personal registration can however be assigned at a later date if so wished.

When making a transfer application always remember that you can never make your car appear newer than it is. For example a “W” prefix number cannot be assigned to a “C” registered car but a “D” prefix number could be assigned to a “Y” registered car. If in doubt contact your local DVLA office. Likewise you must remember that Q and NIQ registrations cannot be transferred.

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