Online Bingo Basics – Do Free Bingo Bonuses Really Exist?

The current online bingo boom is dominated by UK online bingo operators who are in effect fighting amongst themselves to attract new customers. The online bingo sector is extremely saturated especially in the UK with all forms of media being swamped by bingo ads. One ploy bingo operators use to attract new customers is a free bingo bonus, but is the bonus really free?

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You may be surprised to know that in many cases free bingo bonuses are not actually free. Many require you to make at least a small deposit (usually £5 to £20) before you are entitled to the free money Other require you to make a deposit and meet strict wagering requirement before the free money appears in your account. These bonuses are actually call match bonuses or in some cases deposit bonuses.

The good news though is that some of the claimed free bonus offers do actually give players free money in their account. These types of bonuses are known as free no deposit bonuses as they required no deposit from the players. Again though there are conditions which vary from site to site.

Firstly although no deposit is required you may have to register a credit or debit card. The reason why some online bingo operators request that a card is registered is so that they can firstly ensure you are of legal age to play plus secondly that live in a country where online gambling is legal. None of the major UK online bingo sites accept players from the US, so US residents would not be able to claim any free bonuses from UK bingo operators.

Once you have a free bingo bonus sitting in your account you simply can’t withdraw the amount to your bank account. All free no deposit bingo bonuses have strict wagering requirements which again vary from site to site. Before claim any bingo bonus do take the time to read the terms and conditions in full.

So what if you get lucky and win with your free bonus and have net the wagering requirements can you then simply cash out? Well the short answer in most cases is no. Most bingo sites will request that you make at the very least a small deposit before any withdrawal can be processed. In some cases you may actually have to meet further wagering requirements once you have made an initial deposit.

Again I must stress that the actual terms for all bonuses vary from site to site. Taking the time to read the terms and conditions will give you a better understanding how the bonus can in effect be unlocked.

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