Reasons Why You Do or Don’t Want Sex With Your Boss

After being to hundreds of social gatherings in my life and witnessing plenty of people talk about having sex with their boss I’ve decided to write an article about it. I have heard a lot of stories and fantasies and good and bad turnouts to this social phenomenon. A boss is someone who employs or superintends workers at your workplace. A boss is your main source of influence at work and you should look up to them to getting the job done. There are plenty of good and bad outcomes when it comes to bedding the boss and you should consider each and every one of them before hitting them up or making a move.

Why men and women want sex with their boss

The main reason why someone would want to bed their boss is the power play card literotica. If you look past the actual physical aspect of sex then having sex with someone who is more powerful in any regards should make you feel better about yourself. Whether helping improve your self-esteem or confidence then screwing your boss will do the trick. Whether your boss is ugly or hot then you are sure to stir conversation among the workmates if this is what you want to do. If they are just major hot and you are attracted to them then you should take a chance and hit them up.

Sometimes a promotion can come out of a sexual relationship with a man or woman. There have been plenty of news reports of powerful men and women bedding their workmates who they have promoted. You surely would be treated better if you were a great sex partner but should watch out because it can come and back to haunt you.

Why men don’t want sex with their boss

When you stop and think if that person wasn’t your boss then would you really sleep with them then you’re on the right track. If you are not looking for any sort of promotion and have absolutely no attraction towards them then you shouldn’t do it. Many friends I’ve known have been peer pressured into having sex with their boss and were later fired for no reason but won a legal case against unfair dismissal.

Sex with a boss who wants it can quite easily affect your personal and professional relationship. You may already be taken and being pressured into doing something you don’t want to do. If there is someone above your boss then you might want to take it up with them and voice your concerns as this could easily turn into sexual harassment at the workplace and is unhealthy and unethical for any business to tolerate this sort of practice.

If your boss is a proper adult he/she should let it go once they find out you’re not into them and not willing to risk your career to satisfy their sexual needs. It would be wise of you not to talk about this at work with your colleges as rumors do spread quite quickly and these sorts do not belong at the workplace if it is professional.


Considering the pros and cons I would have to say that it is wise you don’t sleep with your boss no matter what the cost. You shouldn’t have problems losing your job over a bosses fantasies of bedding you. Keep things professional and your sex life private at work, even with your closest workmates. If you feel you have a right to sue over sexual harassment then you will most likely win the case but it would make things extremely awkward if you wanted to keep working there. If you are working at a small business or company where your boss is the only one and making things difficult for you then if you have an option you should definitely consider leaving if it’s all too much for you.

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