Role of the Disability Examiner

If a person is injured or experiences the effects of disability to the point that he or she can no longer work, the individual may consider filing for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Such benefits may help assist a disabled individual pay for living expenses, medical bills, and other necessary items to maintain a normal lifestyle. For each applicant, there is a specific application process that he or she must go through to get approval for benefits.

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When a person files for disability benefits, the application is usually forwarded to a local Disability Determination Services (DDS) office for review. The person who is in charge of making the initial determinations is called the disability examiner. It is important to note that the DDS office is simply responsible for reviewing applications, examining claims, and making recommendations to the SSA. The final decision ultimately falls with the SSA when it comes to approving and rejecting claims.

The role of the disability examiner is to review the application to make sure it is complete and has been filled out accurately recommended quiz. The examiner may review medical records submitted with the application and may decide that additional documentation is needed. He or she may request another examination or a hearing to determine if the injury warrants disability coverage.

In addition, the examiner may look at an individual’s work-history and other factors that contribute to the approval or denial of benefits. When all of the factors are put together, he or she may make a recommendation as to whether the application should be accepted or denied.

In the event of a denial of benefits, the applicant should not despair. As mentioned before, the disability examiner performs an initial review of the application and simply makes a recommendation to the SSA. If you feel your application has been wrongly denied, you may choose to pursue an appeal of the decision and may eventually gain the compensation that you require.

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