Science Gifts for Kids

If you have a little scientist then they’ll love some of these science gifts for kids. Each of these gifts were handpicked by our authors based on their science theme. Typically we only try to find safe toys for children. After all science can be dangerous. Which is why we would recommend adult supervision when allowing your kids to do any scientific experiment. Also make sure that you follow any of the warnings found on the side of the box. Other than that we hope you enjoy some of our gift ideas.

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#5 Mind Blowing Science Kit Toddler toys

The Mind Blowing Science Kit is brought to you by Scientific Explorer. It makes it possible for your kids to create their very own science lab at home. The kit allows kids to perform a variety of different science experiments ranging from a colorful volcano explosion to growing crystals. The best part is that your kids will learn the science behind the experiments. For example they’ll learn the difference between acids and bases. The science kit includes almost everything your kids will need to conduct their experiments. Things like water are going to need to be provided by you.

If you’re a worry wart you won’t have to with this kit. The kit doesn’t require any special expertise to conduct experiments. On top of that none of the experiments are particularly messy. Each experiment includes step by step instructions. Plus each experiment includes “mind blowing science secrets” that will help answer your kids questions about what’s happening. Out of all of the science gifts that we’re going to recommend this one is the most popular. This particular toy has sold thousands of units world wide and has extremely positive ratings.

#4 Magic Science Kit

The Magic Science Kit is another toy brought to you by Scientific Explorer. With this toy your kids can unleash their inner wizards with some magical science experiments. Some of the science experiments includes are color changing spells, making smoke appear from your fingers, magical potions, and much more. On top of that the toy also teaches you the science behind each magic trick.

We know that some parents don’t appreciate the theme of “magic and wizard.” If that sounds like you then we apologize. The science kit includes all of the facts and instructions behind each experiment. If you’re not that type of person then you’ll be happy to know that the kit includes cards that teach your kids magic tricks that will baffle all of their friends. Overall this is one of the coolest science kits that we were able to find.

#3 Disgusting Science Kit

This kit might not be appropriate for little girls. However little boys will definitely love it. This science kit includes everything to grow nasty and revolting things. Your kids will be able to grow their own friendly germs and molds right in their own room. Some of the experiments include making a batch of coagulated blood and a stink intestine. With this kit your kids will be able to learn the science behind the unmentionable science functions while doing some nasty experiments.

Out of all the reviews this product received we have to admit that the community is kind of mixed. One person in particular bought this gift for their grandson as a gift. Apparently her grandson loved every second of it. On the other hand some reviews were negative. However, since the community seemed mostly positive we’re going to recommend this gift.

#2 Tasty Science Kit

Want to know the best type of science? The kind that’s edible. Who knew that science could taste that good? With this kit your kids will be able to make cupcakes, cookies, candy, and much more. On type of that your kids will also be educate behind the science of cooking. Your kids will learn what makes the bread rise, candy crystallize, and more chemistry that happens everyday in the kitchen.

Let’s face it, not every kid is going to like making disgusting products that feels like snot. Which is why we wanted to recommend this science kit. We think your kids will enjoy making their favorite candy and cake. The best part about this kit is the price. That kit only cost approximately $18 on a major eCommerce website that we found. It’s actually one of the best priced kits on this list. On top of that it’s one of the most bought kits.

#1 Fizzy Foamy Science Kit

Our last science gift for kids is going to be the fizzy foamy science kit. Like all of the other kits on our list this one is also by Scientific Explorer. With this kit your kids will be able to make fizzy foam! Children young and old will enjoy mixing safe powders to create solutions that foam and fizz. Some of the lessons that your kids will learn with this kit is what makes soda pop and bread rise. The kit is extremely educational and fun for kids to play with.

This is the kit that allows your kids to measure, predict, and investigate using household materials. Again this toy had a lot of mixed reviews by the community. Out of all the people that reviewed this product it average a three star rating. For the most part the reviews were positive. However there were some negative reviews complaining about various things. For example one of the complaints mentions that all of the ingredients in the kit are only household items. Apparently their kids lost interest after a single experiment. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee the authenticity of any statement made by the community.

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