The Woes of Work at Home Job Postings

Finding a great work at home position has to be one of those experiences that’s right up there with going to the dentist. It’s full of pain, suffering, and continuous headaches. I worked on finding my work at home job posting for well over ten years, I’m definitely well aware of the irritations.

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Day after day you go to such websites as and and search for hours on end for that SOMETHING that will get you home with your family. You apply to such headlines as “work at home”, “fire your boss”, and “stop living paycheck to paycheck. Each time you send off an inquiry you hope that one of those is a REAL job. One that you can still work the normal hours, without having to get dressed, drive to work, and leave your children in a daycare.

Yep, sounds like what I did for all those years. While I must admit, there are SOME legit work at home jobs out there, they are very hard to come by. I guess if work at home was more probable, more people would be working at home, right? Daycares would be out of business and the gas prices wouldn’t be skyrocketing.

I finally got tired of scam after scam and throwing my money out the window and started getting serious. What I found is if you want to work at home, you best be on guard and you best be ready to do your homework. Check out those “job” listings very thoroughly before you EVER send them a penny of your hard earned cash. There are some companies that require a start up fee and they ARE legit but you have to be sure it’s for real. Also, some require a background check and this is where your money goes. But again, be sure before you send in your money.

If that doesn’t work out for you, try looking into a business. Don’t be afraid. Most business opportunities are wonderful these days. You just have to find the one that’s right for you. I asked myself several questions before I finally signed on with my business. Here are some questions you need to ask…

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