Use Coupons As Corporate Giveaways

In this time of economic crisis, coupons are some of the best giveaways you can pass on to your customers. Coupons mean one thing–saving–and saving is something everybody is looking for in a recession. Short of giving out coupons to random passersby, here are some ways to use coupons to successfully promote your brand:

Give out a coupon to your first 50 new customers. This method works best especially for newly opened shops. What better way of spreading the word about your new shop than through coupons, right? By giving away a coupon to every customer, you have a better chance of getting repeat customers.

Reward frequent customers with a coupon. Does your store have a frequent rewards program? Thank frequent customers for their support by sending them a number of coupons they can use over a certain period anthropologie birthday coupon.

Give customers coupons they can share. Not everyone may be interested to buy, so set up your coupons to be shared. Not only will this give your customer a chance to be generous and pass on the savings to someone who is in need, but this will also help you gain a new customer.

Reward feedback with a coupon. Has a customer put in a good word for you? Has a frequent client referred you a new one? A good recommendation from a customer is unbeatable, so make sure you say thank-you. It can be as simple as an e-mail, a postcard, a small gift with your logo, or even a coupon, offering savings that your customer can use on his or her next purchase.

Apologize by giving a coupon. Did your staff fail in giving good service? Is an irate customer complaining about a delayed order? Has a client complained about slow service in your restaurant? Giving the complainant coupons is a way of saying, “Please allow us to make it up to you.” It’s a chance to correct an initial bad impression. It’s a way of saying, “We can do better.”

Build customer rapport by remembering their birthdays. Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions have made it a practice to remember clients’ birthdays by giving them coupons they can use at any dining establishment of their choice. This personal gesture is a way of saying thank-you to clients for bringing in good business.

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