Vital Signs – Your Body’s Distress Signals!

The human body is marvelously designed with checks and balances to keep it running smoothly. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), a part of the central nervous system, is important in this process because it controls the Vital Signs: core temperature (too hot, too cold), blood pressure (too high, too low), pulse-heart rate and respiration (too fast, too slow), are totally automatic and involving no conscious action on our part. Pupil dilation can be included in this list. The awareness of vital sign malfunction could save your life or that of a loved one.

We too often associate negative vital signs only with a crisis situation such as an auto accident or sport injury. But Vital Signs can be just as compromised by an accumulation of medications in the system. It may take only a few days or even minutes if the drugs are the newer and more powerful versions being prescribed today. Then again, as the cells accumulate the drugs to “critical mass”, it may take months or years before it manifests as symptoms of unwellness. Emotional or dental trauma can have the same effect which more often than not may go unrecognized, by even a medical doctor.

John, for example, was a generally healthy 91-year-old man who woke up one morning with swollen ankles. His doctor prescribed a drug to force the kidneys to eliminate the excess fluids, which Vitalflow caused an immediate toxic reaction in that part of his nervous system which regulates the autonomic responses – breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature. A separate medication for each of the four symptoms was prescribed because the edema was not recognized as the result of a single problem. John’s daughter, a medical doctor herself with awareness of this autonomic system response, helped her father through the crisis with a natural alternative.

John’s physician daughter chose what is known as “vibrational medicine” in the form of water programmed with the frequencies of hundreds of herbs and other “naturals”. An additional perk, the water formulas were taste-free, non-allergenic and easy to take. Best of all, this new energy medicine was fully compatible with all the allopathic pharmaceuticals.

She could have used herbs: valerian root to calm the nervous system for easier breathing, capsicum and hawthorn berry for heart function, garlic to regulate blood pressure, white willow bark to help with temperature fluctuations, charcoal to combat the toxic effects of drugs at low levels. But capsules or pills in an emergency situation often cannot be swallowed much less digested in time to be helpful.

However, the biggest problem might be in finding a doctor who would allow the use of a natural remedy.

Once a patient is stabilized, a physician at the request of a family, might be open to an alternative. Herbs and homeopathics should definitely be considered as harm-free and time-proven substitutes for multiple medications. And the new energy medicine are now available which can specifically target multiple toxins.

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