What You Need To Know About Skin Care

I hope we all agree that beauty starts with a beautiful skin. Personally, I believe that skin is our ultimate accessory: it allows us to display physical health, well-being and utter beauty. Who needs make-up when you have a gorgeous, radiant derma? Sadly, some women tend to neglect skin care. Make-up, as exhilarating as it is, can’t do its wonders unless it is applied on a clean surface. Therefore, what do you need to do in order to have your skin reflect your inner beauty and send forth that beautiful shine we all long for?

1. Tend to your pores. This piece of advice is addressed especially to those of you who have oily skin. Pores can become dilated around your nose under the effect of heat, sunlight or excessive sebum. Also, dilated pores usually come hand in hand with black spots. Thus, make a weekly ritual out of eliminating Derma Prime Plus black spots using a dark spot remover, and another one out of thoroughly cleaning your pores using a cleanser with salycilic acid. A home-made option would be a solution made out of vinegar and aspirin pills – astringent and anti-acne.

2. Never go to bed without removing your make-up. Leftover make-up can age the skin immensely over a period of time. Use make-up remover and cleanser, toner and moisturizer. If you feel you don’t have time for the entire ritual, you can replace the toner and cleanser with thermal water. In combination with natural sebum, thermal water eliminates close to all skin impurities.

3. Sleep and have a balanced diet. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep per day is required if you want your skin to look great (“beauty sleep”). If you can’t seem to let go of watching late-night movies or chatting on Yahoo Messenger until 4 a.m think of the gorgeous dark circles you’ll have around your eyes the next day. Speaking of eyes, always be extra-tender with the area surrounding them and apply some cucumber on it from time to time. Your diet should include vegetables rich in water (cucumber, spinach, broccoli) and fruits. Avoid saturated fats if you want to stay away from break-outs.

4. Don’t smoke and don’t drink. I’m sure you know how alcohol can affect your body over an extended period of time – stay away from it. Smoking can create dark spots on the skin and because of the facial gesture associated with inhaling the smoke, premature wrinkles can appear around the mouth area. In addition to the damage it does to your general health, smoking also makes your skin have an unpleasant scent.

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