Why Do I Recommend Thomas the Train For Children?

Having been an educator since 1992 and now a parent of a pair of 2.5 years old twins, I strongly feel that Thomas the Train stories are very educational for kids. Why? The main reason is the language used in the stories. If you pay attention to the words used in the Thomas Train series, you will be pleasantly amazed by the appropriate use of good words. Some examples are ‘splendid engine’, ‘panoramic view’, ‘avalanche’, ‘coals from the mines’, ‘rocks from the quarries’, etc.

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No doubt these words are very simple for us but it is really not often that children’s cartoons are presented in perfect English and even less frequently do we come across one that offers creative words! Just imagine what the kids are able to pick up from a tender age and they can even make use of them when they are writing stories in schools! What great teachers Thomas the Train and his friends are!!

If you have read any of Maria Montessori’s works on children education, you would have heard about the importance of exposing the kids to good language from a young age because the language heard is absorbed into their subconscious mind. Thus, even if you do not hear them actually using the words yet, it does not mean that they are not learning. What they hear around them is unconsciously absorbed into their mind and when they are ready, they will be able to use the language. Therefore, if you expose them to good English from a tender age, you will find that your children will pick up the use of such good language over time 어린이 화상영어.

In fact, the Thomas Train series have been around for over 6 decades and they are very experienced teachers. Not only can your kids learn through the story books, you may also choose to let your children watch the videos or TV series available. One suggestion is that an adult should be around to guide the children when they are watching the shows because you can then explain the words and re-enforce its use.

Not only can the children learn good English usage, they can also learn Math as the trains have their own unique numbers. Even though my twins are only two years old, they are already able to tell me the unique number representation of some of the trains such as Thomas being number 1, Edward is number 2, Henry is number 3, Gordon is 4, James is 5, Percy is 6 and Toby is 7, etc. Yes, both of them can tell me the names of the trains as well as the number representing them! They even know the names of the two coaches led by Thomas!

Besides being a good source of teaching materials where the English language and Math is concerned, you can also make use of the character ‘Thomas’ to teach your kids on good character building. Through the ‘Thomas and Friends’ series, you can see that Thomas has a very strong character and does not give up easily. The various engines also work together and demonstrate to children the importance of co-operation and team work.

In the stories, the engines live in the Island of Sodor and there are lots of adventures that the engines come across each day. As the children watch the series, they learn the fun of exploring the island together with the trains, coaches and trucks.

The above are just some of the ways in which Thomas the Train can help in the development of your child. If you decide to get the Thomas train sets in addition to the story books and videos, you can also assist your children’s cognitive development as they learn how to manipulate the train sets on the tracks. Besides the Thomas Train story books and Thomas the Train videos, there are also other related items which will attract your kids as well such as Thomas the Train games, Thomas Train beddings, etc. It is indeed unbelievable how many ways you can really make use of this seemingly common and simple character in the development of your child’s education!

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