Will The Way The World Functions Change With Microsoft Windows Vista?

The world waits with bated breath for the final version of Windows Vista to be in the market. Speculation is rife whether the release will be end December 2006 or end January 2007 and whether Microsoft will keep all its promises.

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While Windows supporters feel that the next OS will be Windows Vista world wide there are others who feel that Windows Vista will leave much to be desired. It magazines, e-zines, forum, and blogs are all abuzz with Vista news, views, and reviews.

According to an in depth review in Computer World by Scott Finnie Windows Vista has security as its first objective and security can be had without paying for an expensive operating system. The only other plus is the aero glass and graphics capabilities. According to Finnie, “Windows Vista will not outpace Mac OS X Tiger for overall quality and usability.”

Mac users who have experimented with Windows Vista releases are not tempted or thrilled and feel that even the new much promoted interface is a Mac OS X look-alike. The similarities are startling and since Mac users have enjoyed “bling” for over five years the candies offered by Vista are neither new nor exciting.

As far as business users are concerned they will have lot less to worry about security and loss of data and so on through cyber theft. And Vista has umpteen features that will increase business productivity, efficacy, and profitability windows 11 download.

Microsoft expects businesses to switch to Vista immediately on release and the company has in place a “bullish” marketing plan. However analysts predict that businesses are not likely to be in any hurry and will wait until late 2007 – early 2008 before considering a total revamp of their IT systems and installation of Windows Vista.

Analysts at research firm IDC feel that after the first spurt in sales in around 18 months the adoption curve will emulate any other windows product. In fact, third-party customer surveys conducted by Computerworld in august 2006 found that around 17% of IT professionals were considering installing Windows Vista in the first year of its release, 41% had no intentions at all, and 35% were going to undertake testing well after the final release.

Jon Oltsik of Enterprise Strategy Group deduced that ” Vista will be a better OS than XP but according to many CIOs Linux would be a prudent choice as it has functionality as well as affordable pricing, just 10% of Microsoft’s price.”

Most IT gurus advice a “wait and see” strategy. Only when the world begins to use Windows Vista everyday will bugs and delights emerge and it will be clear whether the Windows Vista OS is all set to be emperor of the PC world.

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